The Wristwatch - from Apple to Omega

I have always been a big fan of Hodinkee, their writing and of course the beautiful vintage watches they sell. Founder Ben Clymer is a great writer and is extremely knowledgeable.

Apple Watch 3


This September the Apple Watch 3 was released and a timely post about the watch popped up on Hodinkee's Instagram feed. I duly swiped up. I should have been focused on the business meeting I was in at the time, but this review was much more enticing. Ben took the watch for a week-long test drive and had nothing but praise. This was a brilliant watch (and mini-computer), but with the addition of cellular technology, it could, he claimed free us from our phones and change the way we communicate.

I was sold. Within a few weeks, I was wearing an Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular, 38mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Dark Olive Sport Loop on my left wrist. For the first few days, it was a novelty. How many steps had I walked, what was my heart rate during exercise, could I text using just my finger and a tiny watch face. Yes, I could. However the Instagram feed (which I am always on) didn't work properly, and the cellular data cut out much too often for me to be without my phone. And so the novelty of wearing the Apple wore off. And I began to long for my old faithful wristwatch, my 1954 Omega Seamaster.

Sometimes classics are classics for a reason.


I should have known better of course. My best friend had tried the Apple Watch 2 and then returned it to Apple 24 hours later, saying it was "rubbish". I thought that this would have changed with the introduction of cellular data but in fact, I think this has made the watch less appealing. As I said before the cellular connection stopped working once I was out of range of my iPhone.

Worse when I tried to use the maps feature to navigate from Green Park to Savile Row, London it was so slow as to be useless and also started to interfere with how the phone worked.

I now have the Omega back on my wrist and might decide to gift it (gift myself) with a new strap. It tells the time perfectly and the two-tone champagne dial makes me happy every time I look at it. I wind the mechanical movement every morning and set it down on my bedside table every night. There is no fiddling with a charger to charge it daily and fighting for plug space with my phone charger and bedside table lamp. This is the thing that I find most problematic, charging the Apple watch daily. I remember when I realised this (long before I bought the watch). This being tethered to your charger. Yes, this is the case for your phone, but I am so familiar with a quartz watch that you have to change maybe once every three years or my mechanical Omega. This made me worried about all sorts of disaster scenarios, what if I survive a plane crash or get lost in the jungle and I can't tell the time. How could I navigate using the moon and the stars? Far-fetched I know but this is how my mind works...

Tried and tested is best


Thankfully I have now got rid of my Apple watch and am back to wearing the Omega permanently, (or at least until my next classic watch purchase). I am more relaxed, no step counting or daily charging. Just the pleasure of timeless technology.